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Religious Education For Students (K-8) and Preschool Children

Classes for the 2021-2022 school year will be taught at OLOL Hall on Sunday mornings and will be supplemented with additional events during the year.  Pre-K-4th grades are taught from 9:00-9:50 am & 5th-8th grades from 11:00-11:50 am.

CCD registration forms can be found in the next tab and the calendar is linked below.

Our DRE is Leigh Hasson, and she can be reached at DRE@ololcc.net.  


2022-2023 CCD Schedule



CCD Registration

**If you do not receive an email from the Director of Religious Education prior to the first day of class, please contact the Rectory Office**

Child(ren) Information
Child 1


Early Registration Fee: On or Before July 4
$165 for 1 child
$250 for 2 children
$350 for 3 or more children

Registration Fee: After July 4
$190 for 1 child
$290 for 2 children
$390 for 3 or more children

SACRAMENTAL STUDENTS (Communion and Confirmation):
A sacrament fee of $100.00 is added to all Communion and Confirmation registrations to cover extra expenses. Please include this $100.00 in your tuition payment.

For alternate payment arrangement contact the DRE at DRE@OLOLCC.net or Text 907-885-4058.

Children of CCD teachers are tuition-free!