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Religious Education For Students (K-8) and Preschool Children

Classes are taught in the OLOL Parish Hall on Sunday mornings and will be supplemented with additional events during the year.  Pre-K-4th grades are taught from 9:00-9:50 am & 5th-8th grades from 11:00-11:50 am.

CCD registration forms can be found in the next tab and the calendar is linked below.

Our DRE is Leigh Hasson, and she can be reached at DRE@ololcc.net.  


CCD Schedule



CCD Registration

If you do not receive an email from the Director of Religious Education prior to the first day of class, please contact the Rectory Office

Child(ren) Information
Child 1


Early Registration Fee: On or Before July 21
$165 for 1 child
$250 for 2 children
$350 for 3 or more children

Registration Fee: After July 22
$190 for 1 child
$290 for 2 children
$390 for 3 or more children

SACRAMENTAL STUDENTS (Communion and Confirmation):
A sacrament fee of $100.00 is added to all Communion and Confirmation registrations to cover extra expenses. Please include this $100.00 in your tuition payment.

For alternate payment arrangement contact the DRE at DRE@OLOLCC.net or Text 907-885-4058.

Children of CCD teachers are tuition-free!