To get started, please fill out and submit this pre-Cana registration form, and a priest will contact you.

Please note, the average wedding preparation takes 8-10 months. 

The timeframes for marriage preparation are as follows:

For local weddings, at least 6 months. 

For weddings in another diocese within the US, at least 7 months. 

For a wedding outside the US, at least 8 months.   

Please refrain from setting a firm wedding date or making a non-refundable deposit on a wedding venue until you have agreed upon a date with the priest preparing you for marriage.

Start Preparing for Marriage.

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Brides's Information
Your Status as Couple:
Part Two

*If either of you have received a Decree of Nullity from the Catholic Church for a prior marriage, please obtain an original, certified copy from the Tribunal of the diocese that issued the decree and bring it with you when you meet with the priest.

Part Three