by Erica Lizza

On Sunday, Jan. 30, volunteers gathered in the parish hall to sort diapers, baby wipes, bottles and other items donated in the parish's three-week long Diaper Drive. Parishioners contributed thousands of items, including 3,059 diapers and 5,334 baby wipes to the pro-life drive, which was planned to overlap with the national March for Life. Volunteers loaded the donations into three cars and delivered them to The MaRiH Center – a pro-life pregnancy resource center located on Duke Street in Alexandria. The staff at the MaRiH Center were excited to receive donations to support their mission - especially the large quantity of diapers. MaRiH Center President Beth Whitehead gave our parish volunteers a tour of their facilities and an introduction to the services they provide for expectant mothers and their families. The day left quite the impression on our volunteers.

 "I felt I was making a difference.  Seeing  the MaRiH Center made me understand the gravity of the situation of our pregnant community members.  It was no longer just an academic experience where statistics and the scripture were the forefront, but the experience became a very human (and Divine) issue with emotions, hope, fear, and courage." 

Rico Santiago


 I had a positive experience! I am new to the parish, and the parishioners volunteering were very warm and welcoming. The staff at the MaRIh center radiated with passion for pro-life and helping mothers find an alternative to abortion."

 Jeannette Burchick


Many thanks for ALL of our Parish Volunteers. You make such a difference in the lives of others. 


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