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A Funny Thing About the Holy Spirit

Pentecost Reflections by Fr. Frederick Edlefsen
April 29, 2021

“Chewy-chewy-chewy-chewy-chewy-chewy-chewy/tweecoot-tweecoot-tweecoot- tweecoot-tweecoot/rivet-rivet-rivet-rivit/ah:uhuh-ah:uhuh-ah:uhuh-ah:uhuh- ah:uhuh-ah:uhuh/ pweetoo- pweetoo- pweetoo- pweetoo- pweetoo/oooee-oooee-oooee-oooee…..” It was a Mimus Polyglottos . A Northern Mockingbird. I woke to this opera one bright...Read more

Resurrection Impact

The Effects of Easter by Fr. Frederick Edlefsen
March 24, 2021

One thing I love about Easter Sunday is the packed church at prime-time Masses. I am amazed that, after all the world has been...Read more

The Paschal Triduum: Come and Experience the World’s Three Most Important Days

An outline of the Triduum by Fr. Frederick Edlefsen
March 10, 2021

Lent ends on Wednesday of Holy Week. Holy Thursday begins what is known as the Pascal Triduum . Triduum means “three days” or...Read more

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